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Planning a Trip to New York City

Any person planning a visit to New York City will need to determine which attractions they most want to see. Choosing between the many sights of the city won’t be easy. However, it must be done as those who live in the Big Apple are unable to take in all the sights and sounds even if they live there a lifetime. Following are some Must See Attractions NYC that should go on every tourist’s list.

Rockefeller Center

Everyone who visits the city should stop by Rockefeller Center. Home to NBC and numerous shops, this major landmark draws people from all parts of the globe. They come to shop, to see the Art Deco architecture and simply to say they have visited this famous attraction. Be sure to leave time to visit Radio City Music Hall, as it is situated right at the door of the Center and is home to amazing shows all year long.

Brooklyn Bridge

This bridge took 14 years to build and was started by John Augustus Roebling, a German immigrant. His untimely death left the task of completing the bridge to his son Washington and it remains a beauty to behold today. Individuals may walk across the bridge using the pedestrian walkway or cycle on the same path that many took following the World Trade Center attacks. It’s an attraction that no tourist should overlook when creating their list of must-see places.

Bryant Park

Take a break and simply enjoy the beauty of the city with a visit to Bryant Park. The land on which this park is built has been used for a variety of purposes, including as a potter’s field and reservoir. Today, the park is home to a cafe and chess games between strangers among other things. Pay a visit to the park while in the city and you’ll find you are rejuvenated and ready to continue your sightseeing once again.

These are only three of the countless attractions that bring people to New York City. Each tourist must determine which things are of most importance to them. One thing is certain, however. Every person will find something they love when visiting the city and will want to come back again to discover more about this great area.