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Unique Unity Ceremony Ideas that Stick to Every Couple’s Heart

Weddings are desired by a lot of people. The thought of exchanging vows with your partner is beyond compare. Put in the cheers, the greetings from your family and friends, the fantastic wedding decorations, and all things would just be perfect. Nevertheless, you might find most of the unity ceremonies are very similar. Your elder sibling had it; your associates made use of it. It becomes a clich? and you want something different, something unique. You want an idea that would place a mark in your hearts. Something that can be unleashed anytime especially when troubles in marriage come.

Unity Sands for a Unity Ceremony

The beach is a very common theme in weddings. Most individuals who are decided to opt for this may be had a happy and unforgettable experience on the beach. Possibly, the man and woman’s “forever” began at a particular beach or merely the couple loves the feel of the beach. Thus, colored Unity Sand can be a concept that can be done in a unity ceremony. Another great thing about this concept is that you may not need the beach to conduct the ceremony. It even be carried out in church weddings, garden weddings, and many more. Every person who has the role in this type of unity ceremony would be required to have colored sands. One after the other, they will fill a container with their colored unity sands for the couple to bring it with them to their new life. The representation is quite clear right? The colored sands symbolize the experiences that the couple would share in their marriage. In addition, the colored sands signify the union of two different individuals which should not be or would be difficult to separate.

Planting Tree is an Epic Idea

Marriage could mean restarting a life with a partner. This new segment in the life of a person is tantamount to a young tree that requires nurturing to survive. Thus, planting can be an extremely awesome unity ceremony concept for it symbolizes marital relationships that need to be nourished with love to developed similar to a plant that would grow and blossom if taken care appropriately. To do this, every participant of the ceremony has to bring a pot of soil. Another pot to where the tree must be placed should be secured also. The soils are then added to the pot where the plant is positioned and the participants will pour water to it.

Tea Time in the Ceremony

The idea of blending teas in a unity ceremony symbolizes convergence of two people with wide range of differences. Assigned persons in such ceremony should be supplied with various sorts of teas and these should be put into one tea container for the bride and groom to consume. It is like saying, “together, we will share various flavors in marriage.”